Secret Behind Rise of Counterfeit Notes on Dark Web


The last few years have seen excessive growth in the rise of the counterfeit notes that are traded by the people intending to remain anonymous on the dark web. The circulation of the counterfeit items causes the rise of the more darknet markets that further makes it immense for the law enforcement to deal with the brains behind the counterfeit. With this, the cybercrime is increasing and is becoming a regular activity all over the world and the dark web is said to be the core facilitator of these malicious activities.

There has been so many cases of the counterfeit notes and one of such case is an Austrian man who was allegedly arrested for selling thousands of the counterfeit 50 Euro notes on the dark web. The accused is believed to have been operating this illicit business for many years on the dark web. This is not the end to the counterfeit notes. The cybercriminals target the people belonging to the rural areas as the people of those places would not be able to identify the fake notes. The counterfeit notes can be used in bookies, casinos, self service checkouts and train ticket machines.

There are a few ways with the help of which one can identify the duplicate notes. To identify the counterfeit notes in Euro, the Central Bank of Europe has put a segment in their website where the security features of the various denominations in operation are listed out. If the bill is legit, then on tilting them it should change color. This is found with the Euros having denominations 50 to 500. You can also check for the raised print on the bill. The USD possesses micro site. For $1, a magnet can move the note when placed over the number and when the bill is folded to a 130 degree angle.


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