235 Alleged Buyers of Counterfeit Money on Dark Web Got Arrested


The trade of the counterfeit money have increased to a great extent in Europe. To curb or rather to stop the trade of the counterfeit money in the region, the law enforcement in Europe have been working seriously. In the early December 2015, the Europol agents conducted search again warrants on approximately 300 houses. This has led to the detention of 235 suspects from 13 countries. The operation to eradicate counterfeit money that is allegedly sold on the dark web has been taking place since the November 2019. Nevertheless, the Europol has succeeded in ceasing most of the offenses between 3rd of December and 9th of December. The Europol has started to track down illicit activity that has been taking place on the dark web. The organization has even announced that it would be working with the other European authorities to conduct the crackdown.

The operation started soon after the Federal Criminal Police Office in Austria succeeded in working on a case that involved the sale of the counterfeit money on the dark web. The law enforcement officials along with the Europol tracked down and jailed the owner of the dark web portal that stood for the illegal trades. The owner of the portal made a huge mistake while keeping the illicit transactions safe as he failed to use the right encryption that created a loophole for the authorities to gain access to the transactions. It was found that the suspect has received the payments in Cryptocurrency and he also maintained a delivery address list for the counterfeit money.

Europol along with the Austrian law enforcement and the other law enforcement agencies in the countries found out that the suspect owned a print shop in Leoben of Austria and could print the bank notes of 10, 20 and 50 Euro.


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