Auto-Encrypt Feature Gets Added To Yellow Brick Market


A Yellow Brick Market staff member has announced a minor update of the market in a post on Dread along with the upcoming plans to support the transactions made with Monero Cryptocurrency. They have also applied for a spot on which is one of the few sites that provide updated onion links to the dark web markets, forums, and various other services.

The automatic PGP encryption or the Auto-Encrypt is a pretty controversial feature for a number of reasons. There is absolutely no way to know whether or not a market is actually undergoing Auto-Encrypt for those messages prior to saving a copy behind the scenes. This is more of a threat in scenarios where a law enforcement agency takes control of a dark web market than in the normal operation of an actual functioning market. And functioning Auto-Encrypt on an uncompromised market should (assuming the market had no malicious intent) be a fine feature and useful for the customers with less experience (or concern for their own safety).

The main motto that each and everyone should follow is to always encrypt your own messages.

The admins of the Yellow Brick Market are also planning to add the ability to buy and sell products on the market with the Cryptocurrency Monero. This is something that all markets should integrate and also focus on adoption of Monero as a payment system that is almost unanimously encouraged. And the last part is self-explanatory as the is almost a requirement for new or smaller markets. At this moment, the site is a requirement for big darknet markets with mirrors that constantly change too.

Below is the signed list of Yellow Brick Market mirrors:

signed list of Yellow Brick Market mirrors

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