Analysts Claim: XRP Sentiment to Have Manipulated by Thousands of Bots


News was reported in January on the so called XRP army who was harassing the cofounder of Cryptocurrency data startup Messari named Ryan Selkis. The latest data analysis has now alleged that the XRP army of Shills is comprised of thousands of bots trying to discard the market sentiment all across the social media channels like the Twitter. Talking of something against Ripple of XRP will result in the attack of the supporters. The same thing has happened with Ryan Selkis and he even got a call in his home phone number. It has been found out that there are several phony accounts or bots in the social media that are being used to manipulate the XRP sentiment. The fact of the phony accounts was first revealed by Geoff Golberg last year who is a pro in XRP related bots and Phony accounts on Twitter.

He wrote about his investigation in great details that uncovered around 8000 suspected phony XRP accounts on the social media platform Twitter. The researcher claims to have made a bet with David Schwatz (CTO of Ripple). Schwatz said to Golberg that if there have a real problem then the CTO would be willing to deploy the sources to investigate it. Along with this, Golberg has even found out questionable data tied to another popular XRP related Twitter Account having handle @Xrptrump that has nearly 30k followers. As per the researcher and the experience of Ryan Selkis, Golberg was harassed by the XRP army. As soon as he shared his studies concerning the magnitude of the alleged Ripple bots, the researcher has even received message from a Twitter account that asked who can kill the researcher. This was then reported to the Twitter and he received a reply that stated that the person commenting the same did not violate Twitter’s harassment guidelines.


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