xDedic Marketplace Shuts Down Against Decision of US & European Authorities


The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced this week that they have shut down the xDedic market on official terms. The xDedic market is a renowned marketplace of the darknet site which is infested by the cybercriminals that permits them to buy and sell access to the hacked servers. The takedown took place on the 24th of January that was followed by an investigation amongst the law enforcement authorities in Belgium and Ukraine and joint forced with the Ukraine. The German authorities also assisted in the impounding of the xDedic website’s IT structure. The domain was immediately seized as soon as an order was authorized by a US judge.

As per the press release that was published by the Europol, there were many more countries and the law enforcement agencies that are involved in the international takedown as the case severity required the authorities to shut down the darknet site with immediate effect. The investigation that led to the fall of the darknet market was live for two long years and was officially commenced in June, 2016 in Belgium.

The investigators from the Federal Prosecutor’s office somehow managed to get their hands on the hidden server that led the investigators to get hold of the admins in Ukraine. The US investigators joined hands with the Europol authorities of Belgium and Ukraine raiding in a total of nine locations and questioning three suspects who are linked to the xDedic’s operations.

The xDedic market operated on both the open internet and the darknet and was founded in the year 2014. In 2016, the Kaspersky Lab Report stated that the xDedic marketplace is the major hub in the trading of compromised servers run by a group of Russian hackers. This publication has made the darknet marketplace much famous.


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