What the World Economic Forum, Davos 2020 Holds For The Business Fraternity


The World Economic Forum event is scheduled to take place in Davos, Switzerland and it is just around the corner. The conference will start from 21st January and will conclude on 24th January. As usual top minds from every industry will gather there and discuss the current trends that are impacting industry and can cause major disruption. In this event issue relating to Blockchain and crypto will be discussed in length and in great details. The theme for the forum this year is importance of stakeholders and it’s all round development in creating a cohesive and sustainable world. The theme is a reply for the criticism the forum had faced for conducting their event in the Alps. World Economic Forum for quite a long time have been a symbol of the growing gap between the rich and the poor and it can be seen in the guest list this year. This year the event will at least be attended by 119 Billionaires, some of whose net wealth are even bigger than the GDP of some countries. The starling point is the food that will be served. According to some media reports, the price of a single piece of hot dog will be a whopping $43. It has indeed become a conference hotspot and has also been made into meme’s.

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There are business leaders and politicians that do not want to be any way associate with the forum. The first name comes to mind is that of Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks’s. He also had run for the president of the United States of America, but it was during his time at campaigning that some of his rallies showed placard which said him to go back where he belonged (Davos). The surprising thing is that he has never been present at any of the annual gathering of World Economic Forum. The forum annual gatherings have been in the past served a arena where important international conversation and negotiations are carried out between business rivals and competitors focused on preventing conflicts. The forum has its own history; it was the brainchild of German economist Klaus Schwab. He was the one who had sowed the seed for development of this forum in the year 1971. The initial goal of the forum was to give business the ideal platform and support by bringing the important players who will act as catalyst to help enterprises grow and increase their connection. Important players like the government, policy makers and bureaucrats. The forum was reorganized and it gained an international stature in 2015.

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Thus the World Economic Forum Davos 2020 is set to discuss important issue like climate change, mental health, increasing population growth, alarming rise in pollution levels. The forum seeks to create a joint alliance and arrive at general consensus when it comes to finding a proper solution to these problems. This year the event will be attended by more than 190 countries and will focus on, does technology will create an unbalanced playfield in the modern world besides focusing on the above mentioned key areas. This event is well covered by the media and the press. Among the notable faces that will be present in the event, one will be Gretha Thunberg, a climate change activists and organizer. She also has been awarded a Person of the year in 2019 by a reputed magazine. Besides the climate change taking part in the discussion on issues of climate change, the conference will also be attended by the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump who has previously made jokes about her in a social media. Angela Merkel will also be present among the notable names. She is the Federal Chancellor of Germany. Christine Lagarde who is also European Central Bank president will be among the notable speakers.

As far as the Cryptocurrency is concerned there will be separate session which will focus on the importance of blockchain and Cryptocurrency on the financial sector and the disruption and the innovation that it will cause. Top executives of the sector will be present like the CEO of crypto payment form Circle, Jeremy Allaire and many more. On asking Jeremy about what will be his role be like in the conference, he responded that he will promote the concept of stablecoin.

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