The Banks Are Afraid Of the Strength of the Pound


This criptomoneda had his time to shine when it was announced for the first time after it passed a little to the background by a loss of interest. We refer to the rejected by many institutions, feared by many people and hoped for by others, being Pound. The criptomoneda of Facebook and associated again appears between the news. On this occasion comes back by fear of the banks in the United States. Doing a count of the events associated with Libra, the first is their announcement took by surprise the world. After it was a season of various financial institutions and professionals attacking Pound, claiming that Facebook manipulates the situation.

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This was the point that was cited to a hearing in the court of the United States, making the CEO of Calibrate, the wallet of Pound, reply asks. After this, we were calming the waters, with some politicians even discussing the topic. The time passed, the people were forgetting the theme and it was softening the fear of facing the same. However, there were still suspicions, considering that those who make monetary policy even fear that a private company, throw a coin; although it is ironic, since not considering the Cryptocurrencies as coins.

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For this reason, the Federal Reserve of the United States asked some of the country’s largest banks about a Pound. These expressed a position negative to the project, describing the risks of a possible decrease in accounts sight deposits and the volume of bank payments. The banks suggest that Facebook is potentially creating an ecosystem monetary digital out of the financial markets punished, or a system of “shadow banking”. You reference that Facebook plans to create a shadow banking system, outside the jurisdiction of regulators. It is based that approximately 52% of the population of the United States, with 170 million people, are active users of Facebook in 2018.

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