Stolen Data via Dark Web Are Being Sold for Just One Dollar


There has been successive steal of the personal information and data breaches as well in both the dark web and in other part of the internet. This will continue till there exist these kinds of information. The highest targeted information that is vulnerable to breaches is the credit cards containing information and this is often caused by the major infiltrations in the database. The illegal acquiring of credit card data is known as “carding” in the dark web community. Although carding is regarded as dishonest deed in the sphere of dark web, but still it remains to be the most widely spread phenomenon. It has been found out that the dark web markets that deal with the drugs have served to be the open section for the stolen credit cards and personal data breach.

Initially during the credit card emerge, the laws that regulated were not that rock solid where the carders found easy way through carding to acquire easy money. With due time, the carding forums started to appear and the community split into Russian and English speakers while the Russians began to be at the top of the carding game leaving behind the competitor forums. This is the reason that most of the carding is done by the Russian Community. Data dumping on various websites enables easy data breach and let the carders sell the personal information in the dark web at a price as low as $1. The price of the personal information highly depends on the amount of information one can get hands on and the amount of funds that can be exhausted using the said information. For example, someone offering a credit card of high limit will cost the buyer more than a credit card with the low card limit. It has also been observed in the dark web the price of the personal and credit card information is severely dropping.


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