Smart Cameras Are Highly Susceptible To The Confidential Data Hacking


Arjun Sud from Illinois-US heard a man’s voice from his seven-month-old son’s room a few months back. The voice Arjun heard was coming from one of the Nest cameras installed in the child’s room. When the hacker realized that Arjun had detected him, Sud started hurling abuses and threatening the hacker. Google, in a statement to the press, refuted that the Nest system was breached and claimed that such incidents took place due to poor password choices made by users. Most home users are now turning to the smart camera to keep an eye on their home, children or pet when they are away at work or travelling. These cameras are easy to configure, can detect unwanted movements in the house and users can get a real-time feed from anywhere on their smartphones. But like most modern-day gadgets, smartphones are also a hacker’s delight.

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The risk is not limited to the United States and China alone when it comes to hackers hacking smart camera and trying to fool and take confidential data from the vulnerable source. In the world, we live in especially living in the 21st-century people families and corporations communicate to share data information over the internet with the help of a smart camera. Some of the major corporation carry out interviews, carry out video conferencing with the aid of the smart camera. India also is a developing nation and the country has huge internet connectivity and is continuously expanding. India according to the reports from Kaspersky has the most connected smart camera accounting for a fourth of all home devices in India. Smart camera also happens to be the most vulnerable device in India with almost 50 % of them prone to attack according to Vladislav Iliushin head threat researcher at Kaspersky.

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