Sipulimarket: Finnish Feds Seized & Closed The Dark Web Hidden Service


The Finnish Customs (Tulli) have finally shut down one of the illegal dark web marketplaces, Sipulimarket that had been running on the Tor network. The authorities have also seized all of its contents. The operation to shut down the Sipulimarket darknet market had been carried out in collaboration with the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) of Europol, Eurojust along with the Polish Provincial Police Headquarters in Wroclaw or Komenda Wojewódzka Policji we Wroclawiu.

Sipulimarket started as a Finnish-language oriented dark web market that had surfaced the onion directory back in 2018 as an alternative after the Finnish Silk Road Silkkitie (Valhalla) was busted in 2019. The marketplace gained much popularity from 2019. It was one of the largest Finnish darknet sites where only people knowing Finnish could participate and led to the reduction in the number of trolls along with untrustworthy sellers and buyers. The Sipuli Market offered the best products at a much cheaper rate and used to run perennial offers.

On the 11th of December 2020, Tulli or the Finnish Customs had taken down the last Finnish darkweb market. The authorities had seized the Sipulimarket servers and had also held Bitcoin (BTC) that were associated with the market.

A seizure banner had been put up on the dark web link of the market that reads:


by the Finnish Customs in conjunction with the Cybercrime Department of Provincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław with the support of Europol and Eurojust for aggravated narcotics offences.

A press release mentions that the deep web market permitted the users to buy drugs and sell them alongside other illegal commodities. In early 20187, the Finnish customs had also seized a dark web imageboard named Sipulikanava that used to facilitate the use of contraband.

Europol had supported the Finnish Customs by offering their operational support and as well as the technical expertise. It also included the hosting banner seizure. An internet security company named Bitdefender had assisted as they advised the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) of Europol.

The Finnish Customs are still engaged in the investigation of the Sipulimarket staff and users and will not provide additional information at this very moment.

Source: Europol

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