Ex-High School Teacher Prisoned for Downloading Child Abuse Videos


A former High school teacher who possessed videos of girls being sexually abused by men has been sentenced to 45 months in prison, coupled with five years of supervised release.  27-year old Warren Anderson, of Lowell and Harvard, pleaded guilty to all charges against him in a federal court in Boston, before being handed the sentence by U.S. District Court Judge Allison D. Burroughs.

Andrew E. Lelling, a United States Attorney and the Acting Special Agent in Charge of Homeland Security Investigations, Jason Molina, announced that Anderson pleaded guilty to one count of child pornography and also one count of receipt of pornography.

Dark web pornography has been making waves for some months now, despite several and severe attempts by law enforcement to put an end to children being abused and sold online. Several arrests and sentences have been handed out to pedophiles who sexually abused minors, but that hasn’t stopped the vile act.


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Warren Anderson’s arrest adds to a long list of dark web pedophiles who sexually abused children or paid money to download such videos from numerous dark web marketplaces. The culprit was a former employee of the Narraganset Regional School in Baldwinville, where he taught math. After his arrest, further investigation revealed that Anderson was also a substitute teacher for Lowell Public Schools, according to his LinkedIn profile. He was subsequently put on indefinite suspension before getting fired.

Law enforcement officers zeroed in Anderson’s vile act of downloading videos and images of sexually abused children, from the dark web, during a 2018 investigation into a dark web pornography ring, through the use of the Kik messaging app.  The former teacher was arrested and question. He admitted to using numerous dark web marketplaces to download the images and videos of minors getting sexually abused.

A search at his residence uncovered personal computers that had over thousands of images and videos of children getting abused. Anderson also used his computer to log on to a dark web pedophile forum, aside from the Kik mobile app, where they discussed, uploaded, and traded child pornography. Some of the victims being abused in his videos were as young as 3 to 5 years old years.


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This investigation was carried out by the Harvard and Templeton Police Departments and was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Anne Paruti, a member of the Major Crimes Unit, together with the Coordinator of the Lelling’s Project Safe Childhood. Anderson’s sentencing comes in the wake of the shutdown of the most prominent dark web child pornography site by the U.S Justice Department, with help from other countries.

The bust also led to the arrest of over 300 people at that time, across countries such as Canada, South Korea, South Arabia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Czech Republic, Spain, and Germany. The owner and creator of the website, a South Korean, currently serving a prison sentence in his country were also indicted. The dark web porn site had over 250,000 images and videos of children getting abused. The site also had more than 1.3 million customers around the world and racked in over $730,000 in proceeds from selling the images and videos of children getting sexually abused.

In the aftermath of the announcement, many additional arrests and sentences have been made by the U.S Justice Department. One such culprit is 32-year-old Jeffrey Lee Harris, who was already arrested for visiting the dark web child pornography website. In an announcement after the takedown, the Department of Justice stated that the Pickens native had pleaded guilty to distributing, possessing, and producing child pornography. Harris is currently being held at a prison in Petersburg, East Virginia.

Another culprit arrested in the aftermath of the takedown is Lain Ormand Clark Jnr. The 27-year-old from South Carolina has since been arrested and hit with child pornography-related charges.

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