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A newcomer in the list of dark web markets that is ever-growing, offering exciting features and fast support, can be considered the Royal Market. The market seems to follow its name’s path to become one of the royals in the darknet markets list soon. 

Striking Features of Royal Market

There are a lot of incredible features that the Royal Market has to offer to its users being a multi-vendor dark web market. The dark web marketplace offers a variety of products from diverse categories such as Drugs (Cannabis, Ecstasy, Prescription Drugs, Opioids, Steroids, Drug Recipes, Dissociatives, Stimulants, Benzos and Psychedelics), Counterfeit, Digital Goods, Frauds, Services, Tutorials and Leaks. Currently, the market bears approximately 3,000 listings in total.

The Royal Market also bans the trade of specific products and services such as:

    1. Fentanyl
    2. Weapons
    3. Child Porn (CP)
    4. Poisons
    5. Hitman Service

The market also bans sales within the Russian territory or its partners.


In this article about the market, we will reveal all the Tor based market’s potential features along with the Royal Market Link. But, never access any darknet websites without running a premium VPN simultaneously. 

Let’s dive right in!

  • Trustless Direct Payment System: The darknet marketplace offers a direct payment system which means that the market does not possess any in-market wallets. Thus, the funds go straight to the vendor’s account when an order gets completed or to the buyer’s account when the order gets cancelled.
  • Cryptocurrency Acceptance: Currently, the Royal Market accepts only Bitcoin (BTC). But they have plans to incorporate Monero (XMR) in the near future as well.
  • Custom Shop: The marketplace offers complete liberty to the vendors to customize their vendor shop. According to their wish, they can sort their listings and add custom tags to their listing images, which is a great way to attract customer’s attention. The vendors can send mass messages for better interaction and constant product, news, and other updates about their shop. Royal Market also plans to incorporate coupon codes in future, ensuring that the vendors generate coupon codes with discounts and expiry dates. They will be able to share these coupon codes amongst their customers. 
  • Account Deletion: The vendors and the buyers can request “account deletion” against their accounts. The data, in this case, will be wiped entirely off for additional security and transparency. However, a vendor’s can will automatically get deleted if they fail to be active for over two weeks at a stretch.
  • Live Feed: This feature enables the vendors to stay updated regarding new listings added, new vendor joins the market, a user gets banned, custom shop access bought/granted, feedback left/received, vendor levelled up, a vendor receives FE and market news posted by the administration.
  • Complete Statistics Implementation: This new function implemented in the Royal Market enables the buyers and the senders to track each other. It now displays total sales of a vendor in the market, such as vendor-name (0) Royal Market total sales and other markets’ total sales of the vendor. The marketplace also chalks out a plan to implement feedback and reviews of a vendor from the other markets as well.
  • Professional Referral System: It offers 50% off on the Royal Market global fee. The referral amount is currently directly transferred into the referrer’s automated withdrawal wallet with accurate statistics and referred user list.
  • Report System: The reporting system directly influences the user rating score. Their report system enables the support agents to either accept or reject the report. If the report gets acceptance, the user will get notified of the reason, and it will get displayed and counted into the reported user’s profile. If the report gets rejected, the user is notified of the cause, and it will be displayed and calculated into the reported user’s profile.
  • Royal Market Points (RMP): The dark web marketplace enables the point system that offers level up features. It will also increase the trust score and level depending on the sales, reports and disputes.
  • Encryption: The darknet market’s messaging system is entirely RSA 4096 bits encrypted that provides proper security and transparency. Additionally, the orders use enforced PGP.
  • Interface: The Royal Market layout is high-speed loading bearing remarkably improved security that constantly improves over time. Additionally, it possesses DDoS protection.
  • Advertisement: The vendors can place an Ad with their listings or custom shops. One Ad possesses the capability to display up to four listings. 
  • Fee: The market’s current global fee is 3%, the vendor bond is $150, and the custom shop access is $100. The prices will likely increase depending on the user count.

This brings us to the end of the article, where we discussed the cool features of Royal Market. It took two long years of hardcore developing, bug fixes, pen testing and a perfectly secured setup to serve the market for people’s usage.

Disclaimer: Read the complete disclaimer here.


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