Against Dark Web Drug Trade: Philippines Encourage Personnel


Dark web is most famous for all sorts of illegal activities as well as the drug trade. In short, it is the homeland for the drug trading that unites the vendors with their customers. Off late, it has been found out that The Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is all set to train its sights on the illicit drug transactions that is taking place in the dark web. The agency has considered tapping the South Korea in order to train some 20 personnel for the purpose.

This has become evident from the law enforcement agencies taking action on the cyber criminals and the drug vendors out there who are operating through the dark web that dark web serves as the home for all the drug trades of various kinds. The most striking feature that the dark web provides to the vendors, criminals and the customers is total anonymity while transacting on the goods and the services availed from there.

The Director General of Tech Advisor, Aaron Aquino said that one just needs to click to order the drugs  conducting drug transaction and it will be delivered to the customer’s doorsteps. The customers are given full freedom to purchase any products from the vendors of the dark web markets from explosives, drugs, porn, IDs, motor vehicle IDs and more.

The operatives of PDEA are ill equipped in dealing with the dark web transactions where it is found out that the slain suspected party drugs dealer named Steve Pasion has conducted illegal drug transactions from Netherlands through the dark web.

The US Agency came forward to help since in last April, PDEA has sought the help of the US Drug Enforcement Agency in order to train the Filipino law enforcement officers in dealing with the illegal drug transactions in the dark web. Nevertheless, South Korea has expressed willingness to work with PDEA.

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