Oklahoma Food Truck Seized With Drugs from Darknet


A popular food truck owner from Oklahoma has confessed of trafficking drugs that he has ordered from the dark web. The owner of the food truck was arrested in the month of December 2018, soon after the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics –Tulsa has received the information from the Tulsa Office of Homeland Security regarding a seized packet that contained the drug ecstasy. The arrest was carried out by the agents of the Customs and the Border Protection who discovered 500 pills of the drug ecstasy that were destined for a residential address in Tulsa. It has been found out that the authorities have allowed the package to pass in order to track down the addressee. The package was collected by a 36 year old man named Jeremy Singer.

An official with the Sheriff of the Tulsa County made sure that Singer has taken the complete responsibility for the drugs that were ordered through the dark web. The Tulsa Food Truck is owned by Jeremy Singer that is identified as the Chicken Fried Bus.

The person who confessed also stated that he had been routinely issuing free marijuana to the homeless population in and around his area. The cops in return remarked that even handing out free drugs to the homeless people is definitely illicit. The cops were able to seize the package containing not only ecstasy drug in the form of pills but also contained assortment of drugs. The accused possessed almost five pounds of marijuana, scales, marijuana vapors and edible products, oxycotin, psychedelic mushrooms, Viagra and various other drugs. All of the drugs were procured from the dark web. He also confessed that initially he had ordered 60 ecstasy pills which he sold at a higher profit and crave for more profit has led him to order 500 pills more.


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