FBI Wanted Australian Hacker Got Arrested


New South Wales police force has recently arrested one of the most wanted criminal suspects of Australia, Cody Ronald Ward. In the mid February, the suspect was seized by the law enforcement where the suspect is believed to be the dark web pseudonym “NSW Great”, a notorious hacker and drug dealer on the dark web. Cody has been wanted by the FBI, Interpol, Europol and Homeland Security and Secret Service as he has reportedly made 100,000 plus sales since late 2015 having a near perfection of 5/5 rating.

The alleged is a 25 year old drug kingpin who was arrested from the South Coast from where he used to trade the illegal substances on the dark web. Cody has created a history in breaking the rules of the dark web and offered services of forecasting scams before they would actually happen. Cosy operated as NSW Great for six long years until he got caught where he stated that he is too good a hacker to be caught. The suspect became a well known character in the darknet community in the year 2015 when he forecasted on an apparent exit scam by one of the popular darknet markets at the time, Evolution.

All throughout the investigation, the Detective Superintendent named Matt Craft stated that the NSW police have already made various undercover purchases from the suspected hacker, NSW Great. It is supposed that the packages contained a black mustache tab with a note saying “thank you so much” and a calling card. The NSW force officials have spilled the beans that they have conducted five raids where they seized Cody’s computer , 200g of MDMA, over 2 kgs of white powder and loads of Xanax tablets, acid tabs, his Mercedes Benz and Maserati. The seized computer of the hacker revealed his dark web accounts and Cryptocurrency worth $17 million.


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