NSA Releases Source Code of Free Reverse Engineering Tool GHIDRA


On 4th of April 2019, NSA ( National Security Agency) finally released the complete source code for GHIDRA having version 9.0.2 that is now made available on the Github repository. GHIDRA is the home-grown classified software reverse engineering tool of the agency of which the agency experts have been in continuous use of the tool internally for over a decade to capture the security bugs in the softwares and applications. GHIDRA is a reverse engineering framework that is based on Java and features a graphical user interface (GUI) along with a design to run on a variety of the platforms that include Windows, Linux and macOS. The reverse engineering of a software or program uses disassembling (converting the binary instructions into the assembly code when its source code is unavailable) aiding the software engineers especially the malware analysts to understand the functionality of the code and original design as well as implementation information.

The existence of the GHIDRA was first revealed publicly by the WikiLeaks in the CIA Vault 7 Leaks but the NSA publicly released the tool absolutely free at the RSA conference making it a brilliant alternative to expensive commercial reverse engineering tools like the IDA-Pro. What one will receive while downloading the GHIDRA Software Reverse Engineering Tool is stated below:

  • Github – the source code
  • Download GHIDRA version 9.0 – software packages, slides and exercises
  • Guide for Installation – the basic usage documentation
  • Cheat Sheet – shortcut for keyboards
  • Issue Tracker – report the bugs

While speaking at RSA Conference, the senior NSA ( National Security Advisor) Adviser Robert Joyce assures that GHIDRA is devoid of any backdoor. He also confirmed that GHIDRA includes all the features that are expected in the high-end commercial tools with the new and the expanded functionality the NSA have uniquely developed. This is goo dnews for the agency as they have provided with the source code.


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