Luxury Home on Auction for Bitcoin by Real Estate Giant


A prominent Australian real estate group, LJ Hooker, is organizing an auction holding a Luxury Home that includes the payment in two types of cryptocurrencies. The live auctioneer will call out the bids in the Bitcoin cash (BTC). The property owner states that he wants to keep the maximum amount of the coins possible. The company is known to be working with the James Pratt Auctions and Nuyen, the Blockchain Company. The auction will facilitate the online live bidding for the five- bedroom Luxury Home located in New South Wales of Australia.

According to the Micky media news outlet, it is learned that the auctioneer will call out the bids in Cryptocurrency and the price will be converted and displayed on a live screen in USD and AUD. The payments will be accepted in both Bitcoin (BTC) and Binance coin (BNB). The owner of the property did also state that for a little bit more scope to the bidders to conduct the payment, he is also accepting the payment in AUD. According to him, the auction has attracted a lot of bidders from Canada, China, Australia, and the US. It has been learned that as soon as the news of the auction spilled out, within five days, parties had started to register for the auction.

The owner, Nuyen, has concluded that he believes there will be more of such live auctions for Cryptocurrencies in the near future as international bidders are more likely to participate in the bidding. The auction will take place on 8th of April and the auction will be held about 60 miles to the South of Brisbane. As soon as the sale will get over, Nuyen’s international and secured exchange will facilitate the liquidation of the coins themselves and then they will be released back to the market.


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