Blockchain Developer Self-Challenge: 12 Lightning Apps in 12 Months


Frankly speaking, developers love challenges and that there is a whopping opportunity in Bitcoin and Blockchain. One of the fastest growing areas of the Blockchain development is the Bitcoin sidechain or the Lightning Network. There are quite a lot of possibilities offered by the Lightning Network and to learn more about all of those possibilities, Hard Fork spoke to someone that there is a developer who has set himself with a challenge to make 12 Lightning apps in 12 months.

In case you are not familiar with the Lightning Network, it is a payment channel that permits the individuals to exchange Bitcoin directly without having to actually wait for the main Blockchain for confirmation of the transactions since it is done off-chain. It serves as an awesome tool for the developers as it permits them to integrate Cryptocurrency payments into the apps without requiring a third-party provider.

The developer we are talking about is Guillaume Verbal who has made four apps so far. The first one is the carnivore meet up where the diners pay in Bitcoin. The second one is the Lightning scratch cards where the users pay to uncover pixels of a message. The third one is the Lightning Throne where the users pay to lay claim to a virtual throne and last but not the least, Lightning Connect Four where the players pay to play while the winner takes it all. In all of the cases, users pay in darknet Bitcoin using the Lightning Network.


Guillaume Verbal describes himself as a Bitcoin entrepreneur, a libertarian and a meat eater. He’s a French expat living in Thailand and also known as Doweig on the internet. He became engaged with Cryptocurrencies after investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum. He has graduated from the French Technology School, EPITECH in 2013 and well versed in JavaScript. After that, he began looking for opportunities to marry his love of Bitcoin with his professional training. Verbal has co-founded, which is a Blockchain software company, but it didn’t go as well as he had hoped. Clavestone launched after months of development, but unfortunately, no one actually wanted to pay for its first product whatsoever. The company is still operating and has pivoted to offer multi-signature encryption software for corporate clients, which is proving more successful now.

Now, with advanced experience and the power of hindsight, Verbal wants to do the opposite, and he has set himself with the challenge of developing 12 Lightning apps in just 12 months to learn how. He is using his 12 apps in 12 months as an experimental process. He wants to understand how he can make users the part of the development process and ask them for feedback before launching the products. It is not just about him developing apps, though, it’s about him and his community working together aiming to bring out the best.

The French developer is not the first one to come up with the 12 apps in 12 months format. He was initially inspired by Pieter Levels, an entrepreneur who started 12 businesses in 12 months – and managed to make two of them highly profitable. Levels’ idea was based on Jennifer Dewalt’s 180 websites in 180 days format.

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