UK’s National Lottery Website Taken Down By “Sentry MBA”


United Kingdom National Lottery website website has been hijacked and with it the all the customers data are hijacked and now are in the danger of the getting lost. A person has been identified by the law enforcement and has been jailed for nine months. The United Kingdom Crime Agency (NCA) said that Anwar Batson who belonged from Notting Hill, London, provided with all the reference and help to compromise the lottery operator, Camelot. Anwar Batson actually advised and trained and acted as the mentor for the group that carried out the intrusion and brought down the website. Apart from Anwar Batson, there were two others who were involved in this daring act of defiance. The 29 year old (Anwar) along with Daniel Thompson and Idris Kayode Akinwunmi wanted to make quick cash over night and they devised this ingenious plan of taking down the UK’s National lottery website.

All the three fellow men decided to they use make use of the Sentry MBA to crack and access user account. Sentry MBA is an online available tool that is used to crack tool. The piece of software can be used in credential stuffing when there is a lack of anti-automation protection which makes the data and information vulnerable and susceptible. This software can be used by any non technical person, unaware of any technical knowledge to crack open the system. This process of getting into the system using the tool can become more easy and convenient when there are a lists of weak password and user combination, According to a study conducted by the a think tank (Verizon) 2019 data breach reports, 71 percent of the data breaches that taken place last year has been financially motivated and among the breaches that are successful, the most common reason is the organization not paying enough attention to their security infrastructure. Most of the organization according to the reports had weak or compromised passwords.

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According to the statements given by U.K. prosecutors, the 29 year old gave the nickname of the operation to be Rosegold. And Anwar convinced the other fellow members of his team that they could make quick cash by using Sentry MBA and with the aid of the tool could make quick and easy cash. He also ran a motivation conversation detailing the entire procedure and how will hacking, buying and selling of usernames and passwords lists, configuration files, and personal details will benefit them and give them advantage. This is not the first time the National Lottery had been under the line of fire. It has happened before. The incident took place in 2016 when the National Criminal Agency (NCA) warned that they were targeted by a cyber attacks.

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The organization responded by replying that none of their main system had been under threat but a database which holds millions of data was in the line under the radar of the cyber criminals. Back then the National Lottery gave an estimation of 27,000 player accounts had been accessed due to suspicious activity which included names, contact details, dates of birth, and limited payment card data.  In case of Batson, the tool was used to steal credential including 13 pounds from one account, from which 5 pounds were transferred to Batson himself. For many this is very small amount but still it is a fraud and a scam and it amounts to legal punishment. This is more the case in the United Kingdom, which makes these kinds of incidents fall under the direct aegis of the UK’s 1990 Computer Misuse Act.

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