Liberia’s Internet: Infamous Dark Web Hacker Behind Bars


Daniel Kaye, who is aged 30 years, has been sentenced to two years and 8 months of imprisonment (30 months) after he was found guilty of performing a cyber attack that has completely shut down the internet access in all places across Liberia. The accused is a British citizen who resided in Cyprus at the time, who usually is a self-taught hacker that has offered his services on the dark web. There are proofs that he has been hired to perform cyber attack on Lonestar which is one of the most influential internet and mobile phone Company of Liberia. The recruitment has been done by an employee of the rival operator Cellcom. However, there remains no evidence of the knowledge of the employee of Cellcom as to what the hired is up for. The U.K National Crime Agency stated that the damage occurred due to the cyber attack has reached tens of millions of dollars. And also, it is thought to be the very first example in the history that a single hacker is responsible for damaging the internet connection of an entire nation.

Kaye was known by the pseudonym “BestBuy” and “Popopret” on the dark web who promised the businesses to defeat their rivals. The accused has even created a botnet where a series of the computers are connected to the attack systems by overwhelming them and making it impossible for the systems to function in a normal way. This cyber attack is also termed as Distributed Denial of service (DDoS) attack. The accused had rented his botnet. The DDoS cyber attack involve the use of Mirai code that is a notorious malware strain infecting the routers and the IoT devices and turns them into the zombies that can be used as a part of botnet later in a large-scale network attacks.


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