IT Security Adviser Warns Against Cyber Threats


Cyber Threats: Cyber-attacks have been a disturbing factor threatening the security of individuals and agencies in all part of the world with countries like Germany being one of the most affected. The reported case of cyber-crimes in the country has even increased more in recent times and as such has brought so many problems.

The Lower Saxony’s Ministry of the Interior which is directed by the State Police Bureau (LPP) and falls part of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Interior and Sports (MI), with thorough investigations, have so far recorded about 90 cyber-attacks this year. According to the criminal police reports, the city administration of Neustadt just last week got attack by these cybercriminals. There are also reports on many other cyber-attacks which has affected private users.

Cyber threats are hostile acts that involve the data bleaching, hacking, and all sort of digital upset in a whole. These cyber-attacks don’t distinguish between individuals from government agencies when searching a target but pose a threat for all.

Therefore, for everyone to understand the effects of cyber threats and to see the need to protect themselves against possible attacks, IT Security Advisor, Ralf Wildvang in a cyber-security event, demonstrated in a live hacking to the audience and provided some nibs on how to avoid such threats. This event of the Lower Saxony’s Ministry of the Interior is dubbed “Security Expo.” As per the series of events set by them, the program will continue in Hanover on Thursday. Then after, in October, people from other cities will be allowed to witness the event in their respective cities. The aim of Lower Saxony’s Ministry of the Interior organizing these events is to make everyone fully secured when they found themselves on the internet.

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Wildvang began by showing two separate laptop computers with the goal of hacking data from the ordinary computer to the hacker’s computer for the audience to know its possibility. Wildvang started by feeding something into the hacker’s computer whose screen immediately goes black. Then the black laptop computer screen shows so many green letters and numbers running across the screen for just some few seconds before it took him to an odd place of the computer. The IT expert Wildvang then show the display of the hacker’s computer, which now has the same data as the ordinary laptop computer.

Wildvang then commented by saying that, “Now I have access to every the ordinary laptop and can do anything with the camera, e-mails, the microphone,” In the presence of the 200 viewers, Wildvang demonstrated a very dangerous instance which he attached a mail from telecommunications companies to users. This shows that even personal email can be formulated and sent with an attachment of service providers can be by cybercriminals.

He also stated that the situation was getting out of hand, as he most at times saw laptops that have companies data prepared on it and this he sees mostly on the train. Wildvang, with just a click, demonstrated how you could control a USB stick to damage the data or the computer. Wildvang in advising the audience what to avoid the attacks also said they must never open a link from emails they receive in their inbox. He said criminals go on the Darknet to buy mail addresses as well as hiring hackers at the anonymous part of the internet. He also drew the attention of the audience to the relevance of keeping your cell phones and other devices secure.

Nevertheless, the Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister, Boris Pistorius (SPD) declared that not only private individuals are affected or subjective to these hacks, but all agencies and even government organizations can fall victims to this attacks. Attacks on the government authorities are quite common as 107 attacks were recorded for last year. So now all data of citizens are not stored on the computer but somewhere else to prevent any future attacks.

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