Operation Blackwrist is in the Path of Success


Off late, Thailand is going through severe sex offends basically the child sex abuse. Recently, the Interpol has successfully saved 50 children and has prosecuted nine sex offenders following the under covering of an international pedophile ring that indulged itself in sharing of the child abuse images on the dark web. The cops believe that there are still 100 children who have not been located and yet to be rescued as the Interpol said in a press release on 6th of June 2019 and that the people could expect more arrests and rescues.

The Thailand police have already prosecuted the offenders while some others have been prosecuted from Australia and United States. The police say that the cops are involved in rescuing kids from nearly 60 countries. In the report, the Interpol has revealed about one of its major operations named as “Operation Blackwrist” that has been already launched in the year 2017 soon after discovering material that depicts the abuse of 11 boys all aged below 13 years of age on the dark web. The images revealed were on the subscription based website that used to publish new images on the weekly basis to almost 63,000 users worldwide.

The first victims that were identified were in November of the same year that is 2017 that lead to the arrests in Thailand and Australia two months later. In the June of the year 2018, the website’s main administrator the Thailand based Montri Salangam has been sentenced to 146 years behind the bars on the charges of child rape and human trafficking. He has also abused 11 boys inclusive of his nephew and has lured all the children to his home with meals, football games and internet access. On the same charges, a nursery school teacher close to Tokputza was sentenced to 36 years behind the bars.

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