Illegal Drugs Purchase on Darknet & Import Led Australian Man Indictment


An Australian man has been sentenced to eight months in the prison after he pleaded guilty of attempting to import drugs into the various cities in Australia after illegal drugs purchase. The drugs were procured from the dark web markets. The accused who is alleged to get the drugs sent to a post office in the Victorian coastal hamlet of Metung has been identified as Thomas Nickless of aged 27 years.

For consecutive nine months between May 2018 and February 2019, the accused had ordered at the minimum of 15 packages of drugs through the various sources on the dark web. The Australian Border Force was successful in seizing five packages of the drugs that the accused was trying to procure. The drug suppliers had shipped the packages from both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The seized parcels contained over 106 grams of drugs in total that included 61 grams of MDMA, 9.8 grams of Cocaine and 35.3 grams of Amphetamines, all in the powdered form.

The accused had informed the cops that he had conducted illegal drugs purchase between 10 and 15 times while the packages had arrived only ten times. He had also informed that he had procured the drugs from the darknet markets using cryptocurrency.

“The attempted importations were part of your small-scale business to bring drugs into Australia by post, pick them up at the Metung post office, use them yourself and sell small amounts to friends and acquaintances,” County Court Judge Gerard Mullaly said in sentencing.

“You told police you had ordered drugs on 10 to 15 times but only 10 arrived,” Judge Mullaly said.

One month after the Border Force had seized the final package, back in March 2019, the cops had raided the accused’s residence in Metung. The cops had discovered various other types of drugs in small quantities such as Ecstasy, Ketamine and Xanax which probably is the result of illegal drugs purchase from the deep web markets. They have also found four Cannabis plants that were growing in a tank.

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The judge Mullaly had said that the accused has conducted an amateur offending but was persistent and most successful in procuring the drugs into Australia. He had stated that the accused:

“had a small drug-trafficking business chugging away in East Gippsland”.

The accused had pleaded guilty to seven charges for attempting to possess drugs, import a border-controlled drug as well as drug trafficking. He has received a prison sentence of 24 months or two years. However, the judge said that he had anxiously “weighed up the sentencing” option in the bid to find an outcome that did not compromise the full-time job of the accused. As per the judge, the illegal drugs purchase and import of drug offences finally proved to be too serious for a non-custodial offence.

The accused would need to serve just eight months from the two years of the prison sentence as part of a recognizance release order.

Source: ABC News

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