ICT Plays a Major Role in Child Sexual Abuse


ICT or Information and Telecommunication Technology play a major role in educating people with the information from across the countries. Being a part of the ICT, Internet too helps in getting knowledge in just a few clicks. But it is also to be considered that the children are always surrounded by risks when it comes to using the Internet without their parent’s supervision. The incidents like the Zainab Raza and the rape of the other six girls by Imran Ali is the most recent incident that depicts the ways in which the predators are using the ICT to abuse children being illiterate and procuring knowledge of the dark web.

Paradoxically, the usage of ICT for the child sexual abuse has never been kept as the top agenda for the foreign funded agencies that have a deep reliance on the foreign agencies for feeding them all sorts of news. It has been found that a large part of the youths in the rural areas are the potential victims of child sexual abuse through ICT in case of Zainab while the children belonging to the urban areas are less susceptible to sexual abuse and are relatively more likely to get assistance on the right time.

According to the World Bank reports, 13.8% of the total Pakistani population uses internet while 73% of the whole population uses mobile phones. 41% of the total population in Pakistan are children under the age group 18 years while 15% of the total population is under 10 years. Having this demographic, Pakistan is the least prepared to tackle the issue regarding the child sexual abuse through ICT. UNICEF states that Pakistan does not have legislation to child pornography and that “child pornography” has been vaguely defined.

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