Dark Web Hitman Case: Evidence from Illegal Hacker Union


In an upcoming hitman trial, the defense has accused the local prosecutors of being the partners to the illegal conduct using the ill received evidence that is allegedly obtained from the dark web from a London based hacker. The court filings of the late last month has also revealed the details about the prosecution’s  main piece of evidence and as well as the hacker who was having hard time getting into the country due to his VISA. The hacker is seeking for complete immunity in exchange for his testimony.

Beau Brigham of the Riverside has been accused on the charge of posting a communication on the dark web seeking a hitman to kill his stepmother who is a San Luis Obispo resident from whom the accused have allegedly sought money from a legal settlement. This hitman case was featured on one of the episodes of CBS’ “48 Hours” in the September 2018. The hacker who ahs allegedly shed light on the plot named Chris Monteiro, furnished the TV networks with the Brigham’s alleged communications that then turned it over to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office.

Funke-Bilu has argued in a seven page motion to suppress the evidence that has been filed on 21st of may stating that no evidence derived from the violation may be received in evidence in any trial, hearing o any other proceeding. The filing states that on 3rd of May 2018, the District Attorney Dan Dow had received an email with several pages of attachments from the anchor of the eventual CBS segment on Brigham, Van Sant, that includes the “Exhibit A” that appears to be the main piece of evidence in the case for the prosecution. Funke-Bilu has described the “Exhibit A” as a wire or electronic communication between the Barbosa admin Cosa Nostra cyber team and Del.

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  1. Interesting, as this fake trial began we learned that this phony guy named Chris Monteiro is a Child Sexual Deviant, a registed Child Sex Offender, a Criminal Hackers, a liar, all his computers and smart phones on his own admissions were seized by authority, he came to America under the guise of a expert,.

    Which he is NOT, he has no degrees, failed college, lied using many names ‘Yura” and “Teddy” he is a fake and was only going to testify if he got IMMUNITY from all his CRIMES including Perjury.

    He is a con man, liar and fraudster the trial will be NOT-Guilty as Chris Monteiro is a Fraudster and Con Man


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