Spilled Gun Owner’s Data On The Dark Web


A weaponry website had lately been suffering a dreadful data breach where the personal information of the gun owners had been compromised and put up on the dark web. This website is a place where American firearm lovers can go and choose their desired stylish guns. They receive their ordered item(s) straight at their doorstep.

In January 2021, a hacker had temporarily disabled the website of and interfered with the site’s retail operations. They had forced the weaponry peddlers to apologize to the confused customers for the entire catastrophe.

The website had claimed ( that this cyber attack had been meant to cause hindrance to the business from operating, and there is no indication of any pursuit of stealing data. However, this assessment might be wrong.

Surprisingly, an enormous trove of files from the website was spotted on Raid Forums, a forum on the dark web this week. Additionally, an anonymous user had offered the entire kit and caboodle of They had provided everything from the site’s stolen source code to the consumer and administrative stolen data for free.

Image: Gizmodo

The data dump also indicated access to the information regarding many firearms providers who sell their products via the platform. 

Hackread had reported that they could spot an excel file within the tranche of data revealing sensitive login details of the weaponry website This includes the administrator’s MYSQL, Cloud (Azure) and WordPress credentials. However, it is doubtful whether this information is a recent one. 

“We also found back-end code for a Laravel-powered version of the site although it isn’t clear what platform the retailer is currently using.”

There seems no proof that the hackers had stolen the data, causing a data breach during this January cyber attack and that the data could also possibly be stolen during a previous intrusion. Given the timing, it seems a natural fit.

Source: Gizmodo

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