FBI Relies on ‘J-Code’ in The Dark Web Crackdowns


Back in 2013, largest online drug markets, the dark web markets, have been taken down that also made way for various other markets. The Authorities in the United States and as well as Europe has recently taken down two of the largest drug markets on the dark web that are known by Wall Street Market and Valhalla Market. The dark web is a hub for all of the illegal works that prevail and otherwise nearly impossible to do. The dark web has always played a host to the number of dark web markets or the darknet markets that has connected to huge number of vendors and customers from all over the world. The darknet has proved to be the route to the purchase and selling of drugs, hacking tools, weapons, stolen identities and the host of other illicit goods and services.

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FBI has carried out several take downs that led to the decline of the most prominent and largest dark web markets such as Alphabay, Hansa Market, Silk Road and the most recent one is the Dream Market. There have been evidences that even though all of these markets were done and dusted, yet the users and the other authorities of the markets have come up with their alternatives. Thus, fighting with the existence of the dark web markets has become a lot tougher. As a result, the governments have dedicated substantial resources to fight against the dark web markets which also include fighting against global opioid epidemic.

In early months of last year, the FBI has created the Joint Criminal Opioid Darknet Enforcement Team or in short J-Code that comprises of a dozen special agents and staff. During the initial months of this year, the American officials have conducted an operation under the name ‘SaboTor’ that focussed on the vendors selling drugs on the dark web markets. Within a few weeks, the officials arrested 61 individuals and at the same time shut down 50 dark web accounts that indulged in illicit activities. The law enforcement have also executed 65 search warrants where they have seized 299.5 kgs of drugs, 51 firearms and over $7 million that further included $4.5 million in Cryptocurrency, $2.48 million in cash, and $40,000 in gold. The operation was a collaborative effort across the J-Code entities including FBI, DEA, HSI, CBP, USPIS, DOJ, DOD and Europol.

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