Europe in Grip of Cocaine Call Centres


A new trend has just lashed in Europe where the enterprising criminals have set up ‘Cocaine Call Centres’ all across the continent in order to provide fast and flexible delivery of the drug services, as stated by the EU drugs agency. It has added that the distributors are utilising the encryption services on their smartphones providing uber quality trade of the drugs especially cocaine. The findings have appeared in an annual report by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drugs Addiction (EMCDDA). It has also warned that the European authorities are now seizing the record quantities of increasingly pure cocaine drug.

The latest data that has been cited by EMCDDA suggests that the purity of the drug that is distributed across Europe is at its highest in a decade. According to the Lisbon based agency, there are multiple issues to deal with such as the use of large shipping containers to transport cocaine drug is giving major challenges. Using the digital technologies, it reports that the innovative distribution methods are widely in use by the entrepreneurs in the trade.

The most prominent phrase that sticks to the eyes as the highlight is “Uberisation” that captures perfectly the way in which the cocaine gangs have adapted to and as well as taken advantage of the smartphones, satellite navigations and messaging apps just as the tech-savvy companies do in the various other legitimate sectors. The “Uberisation” further causes a great deal of problems for the law enforcement as the phrase adds ‘harder to disrupt’ tags to the Cocaine drug dealing tactics when they are ordered and dispatched through a call centre in another country.

The European Commissioner for the Home Affairs, named Dimitris Avramopoulos has lately stated that the report showed the complex nature of the Europe’s Drug phenomenon.

As per EMCDDA, cocaine is the most commonly and widely used illegal stimulant drug in the Europe where 2.6 million people aged between 15 and 34 have reportedly used it in the last year.

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