Drug Llama Seeks Delayed Trial: Settlement Negotiation Nears Completion


According to a report, Melissa Scalan, popularly known on the dark web as “Drug Llama” seeks for the delay in her trial which has been scheduled to take place this week. This was revealed in a motion filed by her attorney, Mark A. hammer, pleading with the court to delay the trial for her dark web drug case as both parties involved need additional time to finalize the negotiation.

 Drug Llama earlier pleaded guilty to multiple dark web drug case-related charges and has also been reported to be subjected under investigation for two overdose deaths allegedly linked to her operation.

As claimed by the report, assistant U.S. Attorney Derek Wiseman, as well as Hammer, refused to comment on the details of the settlement negotiation. Hammer also refused to comment on the progress as well. The court document revealed that Melissa Scalan and other co-conspirators including Daniel Wheeler and Brandon Arias conspired to distribute over 400 grams of substances said to contain fentanyl.

It was stated that Drug Llama distributed drugs across the country between 1 October 2016 and 2 August 2018 through the dark web. The San Diego woman largely distributed drugs of the dark web drug case to customers mostly in Midwest and southern Illinois.

Her arrest was initiated by a joint operation of the Drug and Law Enforcement Administration undercover operation, Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Postal Inspection Service just as the Sabotor Operation. Between April and July 2018, the underground agents came across the Scalan’s store on the dark web. When the underground agents contacted her, she claimed she could send between 100 to 500 pills at a go. However, she rejected the idea of meeting in person.

Dark web drug case

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Having noticed her specialty was fentanyl pills disguised as oxycodone, the agents made an order. The parcel was then delivered to the undercover agents with “Samantha Cooper” as the sender’s name. Interestingly, the name was said to be her dogs’ name. A further investigation revealed that the return address labeled on the package was the address of her old business.

Authorities were able to locate her residence and executed a search warrant. After the search, Scalan admitted having obtained the drugs from a Mexican cartel. The criminal complaint filed established that Scalan and others had distributed over 400 grams of fentanyl worldwide. At the court, it was revealed that she had distributed over 50,000 fentanyl pills across the country.

It was reported that Scalan and her co-conspirators did not only sell fentanyl disguised ad oxycodone. They also sold other drugs on the dark web in the dark web drug case including real oxycodone, morphine, amphetamine, temazepam, percocet, flexeril, and an opiate powder pack as claimed by a report. Scalan was arrested in August 2018 and released a few weeks later.

Dark web drug case

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

According to the report, she flew to Mexico for the negotiation of two new drug deliveries. It was said that each delivery contained 500 pills of fentanyl. After this deal, she proceeded to inform her Dream Market customers to join her on a different dark web marketplace. 

On 4 September 2018, she was arrested and charged for conspiring with others to distribute misbranded drugs on the dark web conducting dark web drug case. She was also charged for international money laundering. Scalan was 5-months pregnant when she got arrested. Her drug operation also led to the death of a 10-month-old baby and a 41-year-old woman according to a report. One of Scalan’s customers who bought the fentanyl allegedly left the potent drugs closed to his baby causing death.

It was not stated whether she had any other job apart from her illicit drug operation, but her LinkedIn profile says she has worked with IriSys, a pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing service in San Diego.

It was stated that Scalan was fully aware of the legal implications of drug trafficking in an article published under her name in 2016. She advised that drug packages confiscated by mail are pretty serious if the government decide to prosecute. She further stated that purchasing drugs through the dark web or unknown vendors increases the chance of possessing counterfeit drugs since the genuineness of a drug is usually difficult to know and has been a major problem causing overdose deaths in the country.

Arias, a co-conspirator earlier pleaded guilty to charges leveled against him. According to a court document, Arias disclosed that they made a six-figure profit from the illegal sales in six months.

Similarly, Aaron Shamo recently underwent trials for causing an overdose death with his drug sales.

The United States Law Enforcement and other agencies have stated their intention to execute measures to control the high influx of illegal drugs into the country. Some of the measures are the undercover operation that has constantly been yielding results, and the cooperation of the Postal Services to confiscate drugs and trace the dealers behind the operations.

Source: ABC7 Chicago

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