Cybercriminals Trade Stolen Doctor Credentials on the Darknet


Recently, a leading cybersecurity firm has provided a new report that finds its way through a fact that the healthcare organizations are becoming the favourite targets of the cybercriminals or the hackers as the data that has been hacked finds the most attractive market for its trading which is none other than the darknet markets. It has been revealed that the reason behind the much craves for the data (Doctor Credentials) of the healthcare organizations is the fact that these credentials of the physicians can be utilized to promote the health insurance fraud.

A Massachusetts based security company named Carbon Black has published a report where the key finding shows that an astounding 83% of the healthcare organizations have experienced the increased attacks on their networks while two thirds of the surveyed organizations say that they have been attacked by ransomware by the hackers. Also, it has been found out that such attacks are becoming progressively more and more sophisticated. The analysis conducted by the firm has given an insight that some 5,300 clients all throughout the world find the healthcare data to be the most valuable on the darknet markets. The data might contain licenses of medical doctor and Drug Enforcement Agency allowing the fraudsters to pose as physicians online. Most importantly, this information (Doctor Credentials) can be obtained for around a pop of $500.

What is mostly cheaper in the lot of data is the forgeries that includes prescription labels sold between $10 and $20 per record while the login credentials of the health insurance is sold as low as $3.25 each.

As soon as the stolen data of the doctors has been acquired by the hackers, they can utilize it to submit claims to the various medical insurance providers and the Medicare for several other types of treatment and high-end surgeries of any kind.


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