Darknet Vendor Shops


The darknet is flooded with a huge number of vendor shops or the dark web markets. As the name suggests, the vendor shops reside in the dark web and that almost all of the darknet vendor shops sell products that are illegal to sell in the clearnet or the surface web.

Angelpharm: angelrxguo6un2nqhdhpxwqa34awi3agelbbcrbl4rgfjzkevqnkn4ad.onion

Angelina’s AngelPharm is a dark web market that exclusively sells pills and tablets. It requires registration and has a ton of categories. It only accepts BTC having an automatic order process.

Auspride: auspridewx3zf634.onion

Auspride is a top Australian darknet vendor shop that mostly sells drugs (LSD, Cocaine, and MDMA). It also sells Fullz and data, sim cards, accounts and bank drops, guides and parcel lockers.

Blue Magic: bluemagicjon2l32.onion

Blue Magic is a darknet drug vendor shop that sells drugs from 10 categories. It also provides prescription drugs. Registration is mandatory for transactions. It existed in the defunct marketplaces.

Cerberus Pharma: lmz4njs27wbfavgj.onion

It is a darknet drug vendor shop selling injections, orals, growth hormone, pharmaceutical medications, and steroids, pain relief, sexual therapy, weight loss medications, sleep and anxiety medications, stimulants, and ADHD.

DCdutchconnectionUK: dcukooi4bv5lhwcl.onion

It is a darknet drug market that accepts Bitcoin and Monero selling purest Dutch products. It doesn’t have wallets so the buyers have to pay the amount during checkout. For discounts, coupon codes can be used.

Digital Thrift Shop (Pl): kw4zlnfhxje7top26u57iosg55i7dzuljjcyswo2clgc3mdliviswwyd.onion

It is a vendor shop on Tor, launched in 2015, selling digital goods and files. It accepts payments in Bitcoin, Monero, and Dash. Registration is mandatory for purchase.

Duck CVV: duckcvvcomv4op5c.onion

Duck CVV as the name suggests, is a dark web vendor shop that runs on the Tor network and sells information related to CVV (carded information) letting users to consume funds from the cards. 

Dutch Drugz Psychedelicum Market: dutchd3rwqmuvwdjtoj5lzrdwjoj4vyl7h7seu5fxsdsdah4vltwruyd.onion

This is a Netherlands-based psychedelics/drug market active since 2014. Registration is required for purchase. It sells lab-tested products – LSD, Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms, Ketamine, MDMA, XTC, Kamagra and more.

Dutch Masters: dmshopokk4dnmmomuk6bjk7cgrnaeod4pzsyn2e52r7zecnayscs2zyd.onion

This is a darknet drug vendor shop established in 2012. Products sold are – XTC, MDMA, Cocaine, Ketamine, 2-CB, Speed, 4MMC. It accepts BTC and XMR having no escrow or online wallets. coins go to the cold wallets.

DutchKingz: xxoztzov25ylcjrthsdoffkbaupyv47rdgdvngx6lri3ayh6vq3iewqd.onion

It is a Tor-based drug market offering party products like Cocaine, Ketamine, 2-CB pills, XTC, LSD, and MDMA. It accepts BTC and MXR and takes orders on Telegram messenger as well. Worldwide shipping available.

Express Pharma: xpresphar4nehfab.onion

Express Pharma is a European drug vendor shop or medical market that sells Xanax, Valium, Sleeping Pills, Antibiotics, and many other products. Registration is required to place an order.

Hanf4You Weed/Hash Store: hanf4youk2rj5aei.onion

It is a Dutch weed and Hash auto FE darknet vendor shop also known as HHShop7. Established back in 2013, it does not support multisig. 2 Factor Authentication is available.

Heineken Express: heinekexxo77vjgmasoq3xqxqwndq74iq7grpqw3bfvdpb6vcmf2kcqd.onion

It is a darknet drug market active for 5+ years selling stimulants, psychedelics, MDMA, Ketamine, Cannabis, and Benzodiazepines. It offers full FE and requires registration for order placement.

LocalPharm: pharmhywiwiyjhj3.onion

LocalPharm is a darknet drug market that solely sells pharmaceutical products such as prescription drugs, opioids, benzos, stimulants, MDMA, and dissociatives. It accepts Bitcoin (BTC) as the mode of payment.

mushcanada: pt35z73i7woajgtwokcc5wmapdlpbgzyzxcuv5lp3d3z5i4ppgc6ltid.onion

mushcanada is a dark web-based shroom vendor shop that sells various types of mushrooms, especially Psilocybe Cubensis Penis Envy and Psilocybe Cubensis Cuban. It offers worldwide shipping and requires no registration.

MushMerica: mushmerwell2h6tb.onion

MushMerica is a darknet market selling highly potent Penis Envy mushrooms. It accepts BTC and XMR.

Namaste LSD: namastehtkkctyoa.onion

It is a darknet drug vendor selling LSD tabs, LSD crystal, MDMA, XTC, 2CB powder, 2CB pills, S-ketamine, R-ketamine, 4-MMC mephedrone, 3-MMC and more. It accepts both Monero and Bitcoin payments.

Opiate Connect: opiatelimlidwmow.onion

Opiate Connect is a darknet drug market that specifically deals with opiates (Etizolam, FluAlprazolam, Clonazolam, and Flubromazolam). It requires registration to access. It accepts BTC transactions.

ProBit Exchange: probitvssfw557c3.onion

It is a mixed market on the TOR network selling passports, visas, forgeries, drugs, and pills. The vendor shop accepts Bitcoin and a couple of other cryptocurrencies.

Psycellium: psycelliumtican2.onion

Psycellium is a Tor-based drug vendor shop selling MDMA, 2-CB, Changa/DMT, Hashish and Custom Order/Tip Jar. It accepts BTC and Monero and ships worldwide. Registration is required.

Pushing Taboo (Gamma Goblin): pushingtabu7itqj.onion

Pushing Taboo or Gamma Goblin is a dark web drug market selling self-laid LSD tablets and Changa. Earlier, it used to sell self-laid DOM tabs, MDMA and mescaline, which is now discontinued.

SmokersCo: 7tllqrhac6nugool.onion

It is a darknet vendor shop selling drugs and accepts Bitcoin as their mode of payment. They offer high-quality products at the lowest price possible.

Standard Cocaine: scocainebzpn4aim.onion

It is the darknet’s French cocaine distribution company selling purified cocaine using state-of-art cleansing techniques. It ships worldwide and requires registration for purchase. It was established back in the year 2018.

Steroid Heven (Housto275): houst275hcmgfssz.onion

It is one of the darknet vendor shops selling non-branded steroid oils, orals (capsules) and DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol). Orders are shipped from the UK to worldwide. Registration is required for purchase.

SteroidWarehouse: steroidwa7pp4iqw.onion

It is a Tor-based steroid and Benzodiazepine vendor shop shipping worldwide. It accepts Monero, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, LTE etc. Full reship or 50% refund is available in case of seizure or parcel loss.

Televend: televendmnsfbznh.onion

It is an automated direct deal platform having 2-FA using Telegram bots to interact with customers via a shop front inside the app and a Tor-based .onion vendor panel for vendors to manage orders and customers.

Terpezz: terpezzswf2tmedy.onion

Terpezz is a dark web vendor shop that sells concentrates and requires registration for the purchase of the products listed.

The Grass Company: grasscoiajeytipp.onion

It is the largest and the best online vendor shop selling soft drugs like Hash and Weed. Worldwide shipping is available except Australia and the USA. It accepts Bitcoin and has room for Monero acceptance in future. Registration is required.

WChems: wchemsssbm6eaqpv.onion

It is a darknet drug market having categories – Benzos, Psychedelics, Dissociatives, Stimulants, Opioids, Organic Material/Precursors and other drugs. No registration is required in order to purchase the products.

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  1. I have been very curious about dark web vendors for past 7 years and wanted to purchase but just get bamboosled and paranoid. I don’t think I’m stupid I’m not grate with I,T I really would like to get over these hurdles because in Australia we are get well and truly robed I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around the smoke and mirrors or the or past the paranoia of miss information but truly hope something in my brain changes to get me past this any simple noob step bye step hold my hand instructions would be my wish as now I’m 50 and don’t want to mix in such company I have managed to stay out of the sights of the law and would like to keep it that way I’m not sure what I’m asking except please help somhow someway who ever I’m trying to contact and I’ll do my best to quietly help my closest associates thank you whom ever you are?

  2. I can vouch for Housto275. Was previously scammed by another Shop (‘Steroid King’ ). therefore I was cautious and researched alot and only 2-3 shops on the whole ‘findable’ darkweb for roids are legit. I ordered with tracking. they ship from UK so customs were not a problem.

    After pay it took only one day for shipping. contact was no problem and fast.
    Can recommend it for everyone looking for a legit shop.

  3. What’s happened to Housto275?
    I placed several successful orders previously & was a very happy customer, but now the website seems dead (can’t pay for orders). No reply to emails or website tickets.

    • hello rocket, we took over Houstos site, we carry anything and everything you need. Feel free to hit us up for whateveryour needs are

  4. I am looking for that old school disco biscuts. That hard hitting eyes inthe back of your head one moment and your up flying with the sounds of a Deep Forest Lullabay the next.


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