Darknet: A Whole New World


Darknet has proven its capabilities of reaching to a greater mass through its efficiency to provide them with whatever illegal. December last year saw the arrest of two Delhi based youths for the import and the sale of the illicit marijuana via the darknet that has even raised the prominence of the darknet markets in India. The drug peddlers and the illegal traders reach for the darknet markets as it is most easily accessible place to procure or trade drugs. With this, there rise the challenges for the law enforcement to tackle these in this cyber era.

This is a fact that without proper knowledge of what exactly the darknet is, it would be pretty difficult to understand how it could be beneficial or malicious. Summing up the whole concept of the darknet, it can be stated that darknet is a whole new world for the illegal activities that would otherwise be impossible or risky. The World Wide Web (WWW) can be divided into three sub-sections where the first one is the surface web also known as the visible web which is the 4 percent of the total World Wide Web that is actually indexed and accessible through the regular browsers.

The pages on the deep web (the second sub-section) are not indexed and are not readily accessible while the content in this section is found in the HTTP forms. To access the content on the deep web, one needs to have a direct URL or IP address. The dark web on the contrary is that part of the internet that can be accessed only by the ‘overlay networks’ and requires special browsers like TOR that is only meant for accessing the dark web sites. This browser that is the Tor browser locks in the anonymity to the host and as well as the user by protecting the IP address with its overlay network structure.


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