2 More Markets Dismantled Hurting Dark Web Drug Trade


Darknet markets are like cash that goes out and again comes in. The dark web is mostly prominent for the dark web markets as they offers the easy trading of all sorts of things that includes drugs as well. This is something not unknown to people already possessing knowledge about the dark web markets that if a darknet market will be taken down, several other dark web markets will crop up thus making it impossible for the federals to keep a track of the dark web drug trade marketplaces and their alternatives.

Lately, the global law enforcement has announced the takedowns of two of the most prominent and world’s largest dark web drug trade websites, which are Wall Street market and Valhalla. A month ago, a Multiagency US law enforcement task force has put in every effort to stem out the opioid sales on the dark web while also arrested over 60 people in a major operation. Off lately, The FBI and the Europol has announced their latest takedown which is the DeepDotWeb.com that was a news and information website. The website has made millions of dollars from offering a number of promotional links to affiliate underground marketing scheme.

With this, it is evident that the law enforcement that one have experienced till now is no more while a better version of the same has come forward to take the charge of getting most of the dark web drug trade markets down. The director of the Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre said that people are seeing an evolved of a coordinated law enforcement effort where it is not restricted to whack a mole any longer. Nicholas Christin says that History has taught them that this ecosystem is resilient to a larger aspect which forms a cycle where the federals are in the chaotic part of the cycle.


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