Crypto Purge: Tug of War Caused Between Youtube & Cryptocurrency


The start of the Crypto Purge in YouTube was first noticed after a couple of complaints from the crypto influencers regarding their YouTube videos being removed. Slowly, the chaos escalated when the number of videos removed rose to a prominent number from a couple of more YouTubers. The content creators are wondering on the possible solution that could bring this process to an end.

YouTube has been the largest content sharing platform in the world with over 1,300,000,000 people using the platform, 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute and 5 billion videos being watched in the platform every single day. Lately, it is taking actions against some Cryptocurrency based content creators and influencers. As the information goes, the platform has started deleting crypto-based videos along with removing some of the channels as well. As of that time, there were only a couple of the instances while the situation has changed a lot now. More people are getting affected and the list is getting bigger and bigger.

The latest updates have enlisted a group of Cryptocurrency channels affected by the Crypto Purge of YouTube. In this context YouTube has explained the reason behind the removal of the videos and channels to be harmful or dangerous and conducting sale of regulated goods.

In the past two days, a couple of more influencers from the large channels have come up with the complaints regarding the Crypto Purge of YouTube. Alex Saunders of a reputed news channel on YouTube has said that 50 of his videos have been treated the same while Moon Carl who had a video dated January 2019 has been taken down for the exact same reason.


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The Cryptocurrency community is now gathering the possibilities of reasons that could have been backed by such rigid actions of removing the crypto-based contents bringing in Crypto Purge. Having deleted the humongous number of videos and a couple of channels, the most possible theories might have been the change in its terms and conditions. This could be able to explain the removal of the previously approved and uploaded content. But this clearly indicates that the crypto industry is the only one affected in this Crypto Purge.

Carl Eric, the owner of the second biggest crypto YouTube channel in terms of monthly active viewers, The Moon says that it is insane to see Bitcoin being censored like this. On the matter he says that he absolutely does not understand what is wrong with YouTube as most of the content that were previously approved have now been taken down left and right where the content was not at all harmful. The only thing that those videos focused on was Bitcoin’s price and related news. To this he said that he feels his channel “The Moon” is at risk too. He continues telling that he has already got a warning and if this thing goes on he will get a strike. After three strikes within just 90 days, YouTube will remove the channel permanently.


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In the past couple of days, several Cryptocurrency YouTubers have received a strike which indicates that they are prohibited from uploading videos for the next seven days.

Is decentralized web the next step? Well, YouTube is not backing off from its stance on the grounds of Crypto Purge that takes people to the possible solution which might be an alternative that people are already talking about ‘Decentralized Video Platforms’, as Chris Dunn states after being affected. On top of that he notes that this is a plain and simple example of why people need to decentralize the web.

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