Creating a Bitcoin Cash Wallet Using Cashaddress


If you are interested to get involved in the peer-to-peer electronic cash, then the first step that you need to follow is setting up a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet. There are quite a handful of then established wallet providers that supports the BCH, but you can also attempt to try and open a Bitcoin Cash wallet using the Cashaddress platform. is an open source JavaScript Bitcoin Cash wallet generator that is free to use and lets one create several types of BCH wallets like the single, bulk, paper, split wallet and vanity and also it is available in multiple languages.

The user’s BCH address is generated when the user types random characters into a textbox or simply hover the mouse around in their browser. The website provides the users with a public Bitcoin Cash address that he or she can share with others who need to send the users’ BCH and a private key that has to remain secret. Also, they are represented as QR codes. As soon as the funds have been added to their wallet, they can check the balance with the block explorer which is a free and easy to use tool that has been developed by

Once the user submits the public address in the search bar, he or she will receive the information about the current balance, total received and total spend in both BCH and in US dollars. In order to protect the Cashaddress wallets, the users must print or record the key and the address as well as make a backup copy of the key and storing it safely. To create a new address with its private key, all you need to do is click on the “Generate New Address”. There is also an option to create the paper BCH wallet as well.


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