Counterfeit Xanax & Steroids Sale Using Dark Web Pushed a Duo into Imprisonment


A 34 year old man from Norwich, Connecticut named Jason Chen was found guilty in a district court of Hartford for scheming to manufacture counterfeit pills of Xanax and anabolic steroids along with using the dark web for selling the controlled drugs. The district court has sentenced the accused to three years of probation. Moreover, Chen has to serve the initial three months of his imprisonment in house arrest under the ruling of the judge. The counterfeit of Xanax and anabolic steroids were successfully sold in the AlphaBay (a now seized dark web marketplace since 2017). Another man of the same age belonging from Philadelphia of Pennsylvania, named William Fusco was also pleaded guilty of his role in the same operation where he was sentenced to 20 months of imprisonment which accounts to one year and 8 months behind the bars along with three years of supervised release.

The Department of Justice revealed that William had all the chemicals that were required to manufacture the counterfeit of Xanax and steroids that were transported to Jason’s home. It was also found out that William used to make some trips to Jason’s house in order to blend the synthetics and press the synthetic mixtures that included Alprazolam powder into the Xanax tablets. All these arrangements were accepted by Jason since Willam had paid Jason to place two pill presses at his place and assist him in the production and circulation of the fake drugs to the clients.

A court-approved search warrant was issued for Jason’s home that led the law enforcement authorities have their hands on two mechanical machines, apparatus, colour molds, an electric blender/container, approximately 65,100 Xanax tablets, over 700 grams of Alprazolam powder, nearly 12000 steroid cases that exceeds 321/100 ml fluid steroid vials and cash of over 8000 dollars.


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