Dark Web Experiences Sale of Humongous 600K Plus Corporate Logins


A cybersecurity company has unearthed a massive data breach that involved hundreds and thousands of stolen corporate logins credentials. The cybersecurity company named RepKnight provides real-time data detection and dark web monitoring services all throughout the world. As per the report provided by the company, over 600,000 company emails from various firms in the United Kingdom like architecture, construction and property are being sold by the vendors all over the dark web. This is one of the many cases that the company has ever revealed. During the early months of the year 2018, another such case was reported by the same cybersecurity company where over 600,000 emails of universities has been compromised and leaked on the dark web that belonged to Cambridge and Oxford. RepKnight uses a dark web monitoring tool by the name BreachAlert to identify the stolen user credentials.

As per the report provided by RepKnight regarding the sale of over 600K corporate logins, over 450K email addresses belongs to one of the top construction firms in the United Kingdom. Another 110K email addresses belonged to the various leading architecture firms in the UK. And more than 47K login credentials belonged to the property development firms.

Some of the possible threats that can be posed by the breach to the companies whose email ids are apparently sold on the dark web and may come to the hands of the dark web black hat hackers. The compromised logins could be used by the cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to the company where some of the sensitive information will be in danger. Also, the cybercriminals can utilize the hacked login credentials against public information like the LinkedIn personal profiles with an intention to identify the desired target in an organization. Dark Web and the criminals operating behind the scenes pose a huge risk as it is not the first time sensitive data is being stolen and put on sale on the portals but it has become a common occurence these days.


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