Child Sexual Exploitation: Cops Arrested Engineer & His Wife


The latest incident has shaken people as they find out about the inhumane occurrences. The cops have been successful in arresting a junior engineer’s wife, an Irrigation Department employee. She had been nabbed earlier for alleged child sexual exploitation, as the officers have revealed on Monday.

The accused had been identified as Durgawati, the wife of the engineer named Ram Bhuvan Yadav. Durgawati has been taken into custody, and the agency had produced her before a competent court on Monday.

The agency has not yet clearly mentioned the legal reason for the arrest of Durgawati. However, the sources have indicated that the accused had been allegedly influencing the witnesses in the child sexual exploitation case.

Earlier, a case had been registered against the unidentified persons who have been alleged of sexually abusing nearly 50 minors. The accused are also found to have recorded their heinous activities on various devices that included mobile phones, laptops as well as other electronic devices.

Before Yadav had been arrested, he allegedly exploited around 50 children in India’s various districts for over a decade. All the victims were males. Yadav used to sell the recordings of his activities on the dark web, the agency mentioned.

After Yadav had been arrested, the government had suspended him from his post in the governmental job. He is believed to have informed the investigators that he was preying upon the children silently who were poor and aged between 5 and 16 years. 

The accused used to keep those victims mum by buying them gifts in electronic gadgets like mobile phones or cash. The modus operandi that the accused had adopted had aided him to keep a safe distance from the investigating agencies’ radar for long. 

The CBI officials had unearthed Rs. 8 lakh, laptops, mobile devices, web cameras and various other electronic storage devices such as sex toys, memory cards and pen drives.

“The scrutiny of the emails of the accused has revealed that he was allegedly in constant touch with several individuals (both Indian and foreign nationals) for sharing child sexual abuse material. The accused allegedly created and shared a huge quantity of child sexual abuse material, over the years, through the Internet using various social media platforms and websites over the dark net, etc,” the CBI had said.

A new special CBI force had been recruited that is currently handling the online child sexual exploitation. They have started tracking and apprehending the paedophiles operating on the internet. The unit had been following him for days after which they had busted his alleged activities. The accused was a resident of an Indian district and was arrested by the Special Unit of the CBI who is specializing in ‘Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention/ Investigation’ (OCSAE) in one a kind operation back in November this year.

“Apart from the physical abuse of these children, the accused also allegedly recorded their acts using their mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices. It was further alleged that these photographs and video films containing child sexual abuse material were published and transmitted by the accused using the internet,” CBI Press Information Officer R K Gaur had said after the arrest.

Source: MSN

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