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Apollon Market Has Done an Exit Scam Apparently

The Apollon market, which has been one of the most significant demands of the darknet, is most probably pulling off an exit scam as it has been noticed. The darknet scam on its users as...

Banned Medicines Have Been On the Prescription Again

Electronic records software provider has practiced, and fusion will pay $ 145 million for the damages that have been caused to settle the reports and allegations to be proven that they...

IT Guy Steals Credit Card Credentials, Gets Caught

Credit Card Scam: An IT company worker, who had worked with a Malad based firm, has allegations that he has stolen the debit and credit card credentials from its client company...

A Boy of 18 Held in Sim Swapping Scam

What happens when an 18-year-old boy finds their passion in the eyes of the money and thinks he can win the world by crypto scam means? He earns $50 million worth...

Microsoft Database Leaks 250 Million Customer Service Records

Microsoft cloud data scam has been misconfigured containing 14 years of customer support records to make sure that customer information has been stored in a scam-proof manner. The database has been exposed containing...

360 Enterprise Group Publishes Its Report on Online Frauds in China

360 Enterprise Group: Crytocurrency is the most common type of fraud that was being conducted online. The number of such cases that were reported in China reached record level in the...

OneCoin 4 Billion Dollar Cryptocurrency Scams: The Largest One

OneCoin scam is the one of the largest Cryptocurrency scam till date. Among all the scams that have taken place this one is the largest when it comes to number of...

How Can You Protect Yourself From Online Banking Scams Easily?

In this era of digitalization, it is very important to save ourselves to at least know the basic rules of thumb on how to save ourselves from possible online attacks; especially...

Darknet: Scammers Now Sell Stolen Cash Against Bitcoin

According to security firm Armour’s 2019 Black market report, released this month, savvy criminals are selling cash on the dark web to avoid the risks associated with having to deal with the funds themselves. The report says this alarming trend gives buyers the chance to...

How PMC Bank Managed To Evade RBI Radar – 2008

The disclosures made by Joy Thomas, former Managing Director at PMC Bank, show how various dubious transactions in the bank were kept hidden since 2008. The accounts were managed in a...

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