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Freepik & Flaticon: Data Breach Affected 8.3M Users

A couple of days ago, Experian had announced that it had suffered a data breach that affected 24 million customers. Following this, Freepik has announced that it had experienced a massive...

Data Hack Alert: 235 Million Social Media Accounts Exposed

A database of approximately a quarter-million (235 Million) public profiles of three major social media platforms namely Instagram (owned By Facebook), TikTok (A China-based app) and Youtube (owned By Google) have undergone data hack and...

Carnival Corp. Cruise Hit With An Expensive Ransomware Attack

The frequencies of the ransomware attack on high-profile companies have been experienced. In the past two weeks, several significant companies have either been hit by ransomware attacks or have revealed some...

Top 12 Massive Data Breaches In This Decade

Data breaches are quite popular these days owing to the fact that the companies, big or small, manage lump sum data that is inevitable to both the companies and the threat...

Sensitive Malaysian Navy Documents Hacked & Leaked on The Darknet

The Royal Malaysian Navy named RNM has undergone a data breach following a cyberattack where approximately seventy sensitive military documents have been reportedly put up for unknown reasons on a dark...

Smaug Ransomware: RaaS Platform Promotion On The Darknet Forum

The researchers from the Anomali Threat Research have come up with the brand new details of the cybercriminals who are behind the Smaug Ransomware-as-a-Service or commonly known as the Smaug RaaS....

Reddit Forum: Hackers Are Causing Vandalism Via Pro-Trump Messages

Reddit forum is currently facing a massive hack that has hit lately after tens of the Reddit channels have been hacked and vandalized. This hack has been done to show messages...

Dark Web Data Leak: Nearly Thousand Enterprise VPN Server Passwords Leaked

A Russian speaking hacker has posted in plain text the usernames and passwords along with the IP addresses from over nine hundred Pulse Secure Virtual Private Network enterprise servers on the...

US Teen Owns Over Twenty Two Crore Worth Bitcoin Via Twitter Hack

A Florida-based mastermind has recently conducted a mega Twitter Bitcoin hack. The teen defendant owns worth over $2 million Bitcoin, which in the Indian currency is estimated to be over 22.5...

Havenly Breach: Over One Million User Accounts Got Compromised

The newest online firm that has experienced a massive data breach this year is Havenly Inc., which is an online interior designing and home decorating website. The hackers have published the...

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