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How To Easily Buy And Sell Bitcoin In 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most commonly reached out cryptocurrency or digital currency. This is because it the largest cryptocurrency that is measured by the highest market capitalization and the quantity of data...

Dark Web Ecstasy Purchase Worth $27,000: Keralite Youth Arrested

Crypto Ban Could Reduce Dark Web Drug Purchase: The local police have held an Indian youth from Kerala after they have come to know of this man who purchased drugs on...

Coincheck Hack: Japanese Arrested Two For Stolen Bitcoin Purchase

In a recent decision that has been taken by a Japanese court has stated that it will seize up to $46,000 or ¥4.8 million for Takayoshi Doi as he was involved...

Keeper Security: Cybersecurity Platform Raises $60 Million

On the 17th of August 2020, Monday, The Chicago-based cybersecurity start-up named Keeper Security has announced the close of its very first equity raise as it was founded back in 2011....

$42M Crypto Laundering Ring Busted: Binance Aided Police Secretly

Binance, a most popular name in the cryptocurrency market has revealed a secret security project that has helped the Ukrainian cyber police this year to take down a criminal gang. The...

Electricity Theft Via Illegal Bitcoin Mining: Two Farmers Caught

The Bulgarian federals have arrested two men on the charges of siphoning off over $1.5 million in electricity illicitly for operating two crypto mining farms. As per the report published on...

Crypto Debit Card Fraud: Two States Sanction S.African Companies

Texas and Alabama authorities have issued an emergency cease along with the desist orders to the firms in South Africa while promoting a crypto debit card fraud scheme. The announcement has...

Darknet Bitcoin Theft: Perhaps A Tor-Based Vulnerability Responsible

A recently published research has stated that an attacker has found out vulnerabilities in the Tor browser (The Onion Router) network that might just be the cause of the stolen Bitcoin...

Lambda256 & Government Agency Collaborate To Curb Crypto Abuse Cases

Lambda256 (Labmbda Blockchain), which is a subsidiary of Dunamu providing a cloud-based blockchain platform named “Luniverse”, is about to participate in the National Research and Development Project (R&D) on the cybercrime...

Coinbase Eager Selling Blockchain Analysis Software To Government Agencies

Blockchain Analytics Software Sale: Coinbase, the most prominent cryptocurrency exchange, is now eager to sell its blockchain analytics software named Coinbase Analytics. According to the public documents, two U.S. government agencies...