Pre-Released Bitcoin Code of Satoshi Unearths Fascinating Facts


An early version of the original Bitcoin source code has surfaced this week was in the hype between the Cryptocurrency supporters. Satoshi’s old forum post and mailing list letter suggests that a private version of the code was being distributed to a couple of people on the occasion of pre-launch of the network on 3rd of January in the year 2009. The discussion started on 13th March when a reputed proponent of Bitcoin, Francis Pouliot shared a much old version of the Saoshi’s source code and a letter written by the creator stating the details that he sent as the “main files” to James A. Donald.

In the source code that was distributed to “Cryddit”, members of, there were some interesting facts that believed it to be the earliest version of the Bitcoin code. An example can be stated as the code that states the term “Bitcoin miner” which implies that this is probably the first time that Satoshi has described the persons as the miners, while miners was not at all used in the white paper. Another very interesting fact that came up in the findings is that Satoshi has named the smaller units of Bitcoin as the “coins” where a coin means 1,000,000 and “cent”, the smallest unit that means 10,000. A text mentioning atoms and user reviews were also found out.

Besides all of these, the original 0.1.0 code of Bitcoin also bore some very intriguing fact like the original Bitcoin software was inclusive of an IRC client that focussed on creating an easier method to bootstrap messaging. Furthermore, the original repository organizing the Bitcoin 0.1.0 code simultaneously included the framework having a motive to create a virtual poker game that was added on 16th of April, in the year 2008. Later in the Bitcoin version 0.8.2, the support for IRC bootstrapping was taken down completely.


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