Gold Coast Schoolies Celebrations: Australian Cops Seizes Drugs And Contraband Items Across Country


The easy accessibility of the drugs through the dark web has worsened the condition of Queensland of Australia. In the latest news, the Australian authorities have seized drugs having the street value that accounts to thousands of dollars. The drugs are valued at $100,000 and were destined for the Gold Coast ahead of the annual Schoolies week which is a celebration among the high school students soon after their final exams. Mark Ryan, the Queensland Police Minister has remarked that his team of the dedicated officers have been watching for the drug dealers who may take advantages of the situation at the celebrations. A five month operation was run that resulted in the latest drug bust and it believed to have centred on the role of the dark web platforms in fuelling the Australian drug market.

An operative at the Drug and Serious Crime Group named Jon Wacker stated that the exercise ended up after the seizure of various contraband items that included cocaine, marijuana, LSD and firearms. Along with that the law enforcement agents discovered MDMA and a wide assortment of the banned substances. Even earlier than this, the authorities had established fast pace to prevent the drug menace from getting into the Schoolies environment. The measures that are adopted to police the Gold Coast included sharing of the knowledge where the youngsters are cautioned against bringing the contraband items from various other locations. Various items like the knives are now banned in the Schoolies and if found, heavy fines are to be levied. Restricted items that are called as the “souvenirs” will be kept out of the celebrations. Back in 2015, the news reports featured cases of the drug dealers that targeted teens who were out to celebrate the popular Schoolies week where 28 individuals were arrested owing to online sale of the drugs.


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