The Dangerous World of Assassins for Hire


The Darknet market: Dark Web is the black market of the internet, not completely but nearly it is. The reason why it has gained such a reputation is because of the nature of the things that are available on the platforms. Everything that is not available on the regulated markets are available and procured on the darknet market. The dark web has been in the news and on the public opinion for the last of couple of years. The reason why it is in the news is because of the anything and everything is there on these websites. You name it, staring from rare animals to arms and ammunitions are available on these terrifying places. But it is not only the material goods that are purchased are on high demands among customers and visitors of these sites. There are numerous cases of people or visitors visiting these sites to fulfill their other goals like killing a human being. These kinds of services are also available on this platform, although how unbelieving or striking it may appear.

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There is also an unsettling logic behind that: The internet as we know it has helped users to hire drivers and tutors at anytime and that too instantly and quickly. Why it will not be possible to hire assassin in the clear net. There are many reasons behind such an activity and they are also chilling and horrifying. The good news, so far is that that the presence of these markets for the services of an assassin does not actually signify that thee are actual assassins that are involved. A popular author that goes by the name Eileen Ormsby, has mentioned in her book a character called Yura, proprietor of the most profitable murder for hire website in history. She mentions that the owner is less like John Wick and more like a Catfish. He simply was a common man that resembled like any other common face that you might encounter on the streets. He simply arranged the hits and passed on the orders to different hit men around the world. He never carried out any hit personally and no one even knew where he stayed and where he ran his operation.

A recent article from Brain Merchant offers an insight into what merchants calls the “murder marketplace”. These marketplaces are also known as the darknet market. Not all the marketplace offer murder assassin services but some of them definitely do provide these services. Merchant explores the number of frauds and scammers that are above the sites, but he also gives proper arguments regarding the clientele demand for hiring assassins which is the most dangerous and lethal. The also tells that although the markets are not dangerous the people visiting these marketplaces are definitely dangerous. There were two incidents that were initially pursued on the dark web, and both of them have ended up dead. The first incident was that of Amy Allywine who was murdered by her husband. The husband before murdering her wife had tried to hire an assassin on the darkweb marketplace. The other case was that of Bryan Njoroge had also been targeted by the dark web via the dark web. Although he died, his death was ultimately ruled a suicide.

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More chillingly, Merchant noted that the assassins and murders have been operating in the dark web for many years now but the first successful killing brokered on the dark web took place when was undergoing a research on these mysterious subject. The story was about Yevgeniya Shishkina, police officer by profession. She was killed by an unknown person on the streets and later it was disclosed that the hit was carried by a person whom the female officer was investigating.

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