Introducing Subdermal Bitcoin Wallet for the Brave


All of it started when in 2014, a Dutch entrepreneur named Martijn Wismeijer had created a headline by having a pair of the Bitcoin wallets that has been embedded under his skin (Subdermal Bitcoin Wallet). Since then, it became a fashion and obviously a security measure for the cypherpunks and the tech journalists have had microchips embedded into their hands. But there is obviously a warning that the procedure is not for the faint hearted person as being cautious is one of the most important thing that the person undergoing such thing must make sure.

The idea of getting an integrated circuit device or radio-frequency identification (RFID) transponder embedded into your skin that might seem to be alien. It is done with proper doctor consultation that the various Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are going on this procedure that they are embedding Bitcoin wallet in the form of a microchip in their hand (subdermal bitcoin wallet). On 15th of March, one of the journalists named Bailey Reutzel has written on how she got the “Mark of the Beast”, as she would like to call would hold her Bitcoin. The readers might be very curious to know about the suppliers of the Bitcoin microchips or how the procedure is done and the most important thing, how much it costs to get ‘microchipped’. One of the reputed suppliers of the bio implantable microchips is Dangerous Thing estimates that the number of the individuals who have been chipped or rather micro-chipped stands at around 100,000. Therefore, the micro chipping would lead to bio hacking in the upcoming human evolution. To get oneself a good subdermal implant, the person has to visit the Calm Body Modification Clinic that is located in Stockholm. Dangerous Things stated that they sell the bundle packs with the other types of the accessories that form an entire cyborg transformation kit.


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