Silk Road Website Creator Files Appeal To Supreme Court


Silk Road website: Ross Ulbricht, the brain behind the infamous dark web market, Silk Road was sentenced to life imprisonment without providing an opportunity to parole. Silk Road is an infamous dark web market that serves as the online bay for illegal items and services. Back in the year 2013, Ross was arrested when the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) permanently shut down the dark web market. Ross was accused of several crimes such as conspiracy to drug trafficking, money laundering and computer hacking which the court stated that he conducted while operating the Silk Road Website.

Most people were against the sentence as he was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. This sort of sentence is generally levied on the accused on the grounds of serious crimes. But the people believed that money laundering, conspiracy to drug dealing and computer hacking are not the serious forms of crime committed to have this sentence said. This became a reason for Ross to appeal to the Supreme Court regarding his life imprisonment. Unfortunately, Ross lost the appeal in May in the year 2017. Lately, Ross and his lawyer have filed another appeal.

The new appeal was filed to the Supreme Court through Ross’s lead attorney, Kannon Shanmugam who filed a writ of certiorari for conviction and lifelong sentence involving the Silk Road Case. The attorney is taking stand on two of the major points that includes the Fourth Amendment and the Sixth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment deals with the right to privacy to the citizens. This refers to that the government bear no right to conduct any sort of the unreasonable searches, wiretaps, property seizures or monitoring by other means on any private property. Ross’s internet activity was also attempted to be monitored but the job was really tough. But the FBI never had any search warrant which is required for these steps.


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