Significance of Having Wikipedia in the Dark web


Wikipedia is termed as the free online encyclopaedia providing open and collaborate written content to its users. For years, Wikipedia is serving as the great source of resources on almost all of the topics known. Though it has its share of the issues, it is still the inevitable source of information embraced by most of the people. In most of the countries, the liberty to access the information required is provided by the online dictionary while it guarantees an in-depth resource to the users. But in parts of the world like Turkey, utilizing the grand resources of Wikipedia is difficult and may even be fatal.

With this, Alec came up with an experimental dark web Wikipedia service that is capable enough to make the usage of Wikipedia private and that this service is accessible through the Tor browser. The Tor browser is a free to use browser meant for accessing the dark web sites ensuring the anonymity of the users’ internet use to a large extent. The Tor browser masks the identity of the users by moving his traffic across various Tor nodes. Furthermore, it encrypts that traffic to make it exceptionally difficult to trace back the actual user. On doing so, one who tries to track the user will see the traffic emerging from nodes on the network as opposed to the user’s device.

Wikipedia possesses many controversial issues like drug trafficking, rape and terrorism which is believed to be done by the editors under threat. Owing to this fact, these editors are not allowed to mask their IP addresses and it is possible to locate their identities by just observing their written articles. Creating a dark web version of the Wikipedia is not hard as easy to use tools already exists helping streamline this noble idea. The Wikipedia users still continue to perform debates on this idea.


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