The U.S. Government: Completely Incompetent At Securing Your Data


The National Security Agency of commonly known as the NSA calls itself to be the world leader in Cryptology while it deployed tens and thousands of employees and estimated a 11 figure budget to outflank those who would do harm to the people in cyberspace. But to be very honest, the United States’ premier electronic-spying agency has not been doing enough outflanking off lately. In 2017, the NSA was absolutely forced to admit that some of its premium hacking tools had been stolen and dumped online for people to see and use while they were used liberally by the U.S. cyber adversaries.

Last month, the Times has reported that the theft was not an inside job but a self inflicted wound. A post-mortem report of a cyber firm has determined that prior to the hackers’ published the most valuable malicious code online of NSA, they had been captured by Chinese intelligence operatives from an NSA attack on their own computers such as a gunslinger who grabs an enemy’s rifle and starts blasting away.

The NSA is not the only one in inviting the data breaches. Recently, the Customs and Border Patrol conceded that the pictures it has collected of nearly 100,000 border travellers at an unnamed U.S. port of entry included license plate images and as well as the traveller images that were stolen in a malicious cyber attack. Following this, the images were offered to download for free on the dark web. In response to the hack, a lawyer for the ACLU that has long challenged CBP’s expanding data collection efforts has pointed out the obvious stating that the best way to avoid data breaches of the sensitive and the personal data is not to collect and retain it in the very first place.

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