How 5G Technology Will Transform the Developing World


The biggest discussion topic that has been at the centre of the telecommunication industry is the 5G technology. In an industry that has seriously lacked innovation the period between the launch of iPhone and the full scale integration of the next generation technologies like the augmented reality, blockchain and artificial intelligence, 5G is the technology that the telecommunication industry is calling as the next frontier of success. This indeed can be the reason for upgrading your cell phone and getting a premium version of the new handset which will be equipped with latest technology.

According to Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon -2020 will be the year of 5G and the number of devices that will be shipped this year will cross the 190 million mark. According to him 5G technology will rapidly expand and then go onto other cities and small towns. While this year will be an important year for the Smartphone manufacturers and mobile carriers to sell their phones to the masses. The most important year for the 5G will be the year 2021. This is the year will be probably the year when all these devices will roll out their products and services in the developing world.

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According to Qualcomm President Expectation, the technology will spread to Peru, Nigeria, and smaller European Markets. Besides leaving a mark on these South American and European Markets this technology will also create a mark on the developing markets of Asia staring from Cambodia to Sri Lanka. In the case for real world practicality for 5G, the adoption of the technology will increase data communication which will have a strong impact on the society. Despite the promises of a future where all the devices will be automated and artificial intelligence powered, the most immediate promise of 5G  how does it support the technology we have already in place that is  mobile phones. Aside from all the lofty claims like better on the fly computer graphics and video processing, 5G’s biggest advantage will be to increase the efficiency of mini computers, we all have in our pockets. By mini computers, it is cell phones we are referring to.

The most beneficial will be the developing world. Quite interestingly, it also is the largest market for these multinational corporations. With the launch of the technology, this will surely be a game changer as the region also lacks internet connectivity. The developing economies also have the slower internet speeds when compared to internet speeds of developed nations. While smartphone adoption rate in the developing world ranges from 24% in Indian to over 50% in Brazil, many people still do not have access to cell phones or they rely on back dated cell phones. When 5G technology is finally introduced in the modern world it will be most useful in servicing what will probably remain a limited infrastructure. Just look at the payment revolution M-Pesa has created in Kenya.

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This is one of the countries in Africa that has befitted by the introduction of the service. M-Pesa was launched in the year 2007, which actually is a robust and diverse money transfer service that allows users to pay for various services through technology that is compatible with feature smart phones. M-Pesa is actually a subsidiary of Vodafone. M-Pesa has become popular in the country and also in the continent and according to a study around 96% of the Kenyan household have at least one M-Pesa user. This technology also has helped many people who are living below poverty line, with rural households increasing their incomes by as much as 30%.

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