More Skimming Incidents Come to Light


Skimming incidents are not quite uncommon these days. There are a lot of skimming incidents that are taking place on each passing day. Thus, the cops take proper initiative to warn the people of the skimming incidents that are rounding off the cities quite often. Owing to this fact, another round of skimming incidents has recently hit the Midstate that led to the investigation of the culprit. The security experts say that the malicious card readers are getting to the culprits very easily but at the same time make is very difficult for the victims to find out what and how exactly it has happened or even tracking them down is also a pretty difficult job.

John Sancenito, who is a security expert with Information Network Associates, has stated that most of the time the organized rings uses this and pays people to go out and capture the information. Police asked for help in order to identify the men they believe put skimmers on ATMs at the Newport and Mifflintown where multiple victims had their bank information and money stolen.

Mechanicsburg police Lt. Brian Curtis has said that it is unfortunate with the latest technology with the skimming devices, one does not have to even go back and pick up the device but at the same time can download the stuff with WiFi. The authorities are also looking for a man who is suspected of putting skimmers at First National Bank branches in Mechanicsburg and Hummelstown as thousands of dollars were stolen. The local and the State police departments have teamed up to tackle the issue. The police have asked the people using credit and debit cards to cover the PINs while refrain from using loose card readers and must not opt for credit card instead of debit cards. Curtis has also said that you cannot withdraw money from one ATM, move to the other and not insert your card continuously.

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